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Nano coating

The terms nano coating and nano sealing refers to the outcome of an application in which nano structures are used to create a constant arrangement of molecules over a surface. This process is in face a chemical process that can be designed in one of two ways, hydrophob / superhydrophob or hydrophil / superhydrophil. Nano coating is used on a whole variation of surfaces but in more recent years people have come to realise how fabulous it can be for vehicles as when liquid, such as rain comes in contact with the windows the film in which this coating creates causes the liquid to flow straight off instead of lurking on the windows, leading to accidents. Here at Max Protect we take a great deal of pride in knowing that if you want this coating for your own vehicle, to improve it vastly, not only keeping your vehicle looking amazing but also keeping you and your passengers safe we could assist you amazingly. With a whole selection available on our website for our customers to choose from, including Ultimate Glass Coat DIY and Ultimate Glass Coat Pro we are sure that if this is what you are looking for at least one of our options will be ideal for you. When looking at our products on our website, if there are any questions that come to you or you require further information about anything in which you see then all you need to do is call us over the phone where we can assure you that a highly knowledgeable and friendly member of our team will be glad to help you in absolutely any ways that they see possible.