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Best Value Nano Glass Coating for Professionals!

Ultimate Nano Coat v2 is our most durable Nano Glass Coating with outstanding resistance to chemical attacks - salt, acid rain, heavy detergents like TFR, wheel cleaner, bird poo, tree sap, etc., will not harm the protected surfaces* All surfaces protected with Ultimate Nano Coat v2 are totally sealed and dirt/oil/water repellent.

To the paintwork, UNCv2 adds ultra-deep gloss with mirror like reflections, protects it from chemical attacks, improves scratch resistance and is so super-hydrophobic, our customers say it's difficult to get the paint wet!

Restores plastic trim back to the original colour and adds a lovely satin look to the plastics.

Ultimate Nano Coat v2 is best suited for professionals, but in temperatures below 15 C, it could be applied by a skilled DIY man with no issues. This rapid curing and flash-off period (6 hours for UNCv2 in comparison with 48 hours for UNCv1) enables a much thicker layer build-up. 

Perfectly suited for British climate and all other countries with similar weather conditions. For really hot places like Southern Europe, California or Middle East, we recommend Ultimate Nano Coat v1.

Thanks to the state of the art human engineering, UNC v2 is not damaged by sun's UV and IR rays and has very strong UV filters built in. The coating will perform equally well in acidic or alkali conditions.

How does it work? 

The coating consists of Nano scale particles, which are so tiny they can penetrate the surface and fill all the pores and cracks. Once all the pores and cracks are filled, the surface is totally sealed from inside and tiny dirt particles, brake dust, tree sap, etc. can no longer contaminate s. A totally sealed surface has no rough edges (tiny cracks or pores) which ensures it will stay cleaner for much longer and once it gets dirty, cleaning is very easy and most of times does not require the use of any detergents. However, we recommend using tiny amounts of car shampoo to lubricate the surface when washing the car - that will keep swirl mark build up to the minimum.

For best results on paintwork, the surface has to be machine polished before Ultimate Nano Coat v2 application. We recommend using oil/wax/filler free polishing compounds, or polishes with minimal amounts of oils/waxes/fillers in the content. After polishing the paintwork has to be degreased with panel wipe or IPA. This will ensure perfect adhesion conditions for the coating.

My car is brand new; do I still need to machine polish it? 

If the car is brand new you need to make sure the surface is oil/wax/grease free before coating application. In most cases a good brand panel wipe will be enough to prepare the paintwork.

However, every car dealership will normally put some sort of wax on the car, and therefore, we recommend to perform a light machine polish of the paintwork if possible. Although the cars are new, they always look so much glossier after a quick machine-polish.

Where can I get it applied? 

Max Protect is proud to offer a bespoke detailing service in the London Area. Our premises are in Kings Langley - 1 mile from j20, M25. A1, M1, M4 and M40 motorways are within 20 min reach from us.

If you are too far from us, please see this section to find a detailer near you: Contact Us

*  Adds ultra-deep gloss to the paintwork

*  Consumption: 2-3 ml. per 1m2 using Max Protect Applicator Micro Sponge

*  Heat resistance: -60°C;+1200°C

*  Very effective as a stand-alone product, but for maximum performance we recommend to apply it on top of Ultimate Nano Coat v1

*  Ultra-high resistance to chemical attacks (Bird poo, bugs, acid rain, heavy detergents, etc.)

*  Oil, water and dirt repellent

*  Anti-rust

*  Not affected by suns UV or IR damage

*  Strong UV filters built in

*  VOC free

*  100% Inorganic

*  Full Curing time: 6 hrs.

*  Room temperature curing

*  Faster flash-off time before excess removal enables a much thicker layer of coating

 Download Instructions : -


UNC v2 can be applied as a single layer product, or as an additional layer to UNC v1. A single layer application is by far the best solution for busy professionals, but if you are a die-hard DIY enthusiast and are looking for something little extra in car paint protection, we recommend to apply UNC v2 over a layer of pre-cured UNC v1.

For best results, a machine polish is recommended before UNC v2 application. In case of a brand new car or car with excellent paint condition, we recommend at least a clay bar treatment or hand polish. In many cases, a mild machine polish will be quicker and less painful than polishing by hand.

If you are getting your new car straight from the dealership and are looking to get this product applied, it would be very helpful to know what product the dealership has applied on the paintwork to see what steps are necessary to prepare the paintwork for UNC v2 application. 

We recommend using polishing compounds with minimum or no oils & wax in content. Polishing compounds with waxes and high oil content should be avoided. 

Use Panel Wipe or IPA to degrease paintwork before UNC v2 application.


It is very important to have good lighting in the place of application! In dim light you might not spot smears left behind and removing them later will be a lot more difficult. Do not use in direct sun. Also, good ventilation and wearing protective work wear (gloves, googles, mask, etc.) is recommended.

Please make sure you have the following before UNC v2 application:

1. Panel Wipe – not supplied
2. Ultimate Nano Coat v2
3. Silk Coat – not supplied
5. Applicator Sponge – not supplied
6. Microfiber Towels – not supplied

Stage 1: UNC v2 Application:

Attention: UNC v2 flashes off much quicker than UNC v1. To ensure you have enough time to remove it, try it on a smaller panel first, before applying on bigger panels like bonnet or roof.

1. Open UNC v2 bottle and put the applicator sponge on top and shake it once. Move the sponge a bit and shake it again. Do it for 3-4 times till the sponge is slightly wet (not soaked!).
2. Put the sponge on the surface and apply the coating with short and quick movements. Do not apply in circular movements, keep it in a straight line. Keep applying till the whole panel is covered. 
3. Once a large panel is covered (roof, bonnet), remove the coating immediately with a fresh microfiber cloth/ towel.
4. For smaller panels like wings and other small panels we recommend waiting for 30-60 seconds before removal.
5. Apply v2 on one panel at a time. Take extra care to look for marks/ smears left behind as removing them later will be more difficult.
6. Use 2 microfiber towels/cloths for excess removal.

Stage 2: Silk Coat Application:

Silk Coat is a protective layer for the coating while it’s curing. The maximum curing time for UNC v2 is 6 hours and if you need to drive the car in that period, Silk Coat will protect the coating in all weather conditions. It also works very well as a top-up for the hydrophobic properties of the coating. We recommend applying Silk Coat for maintenance 2-4 times a year, or as often as you like. It’s super easy to apply and adds a very smooth feel to the surface. 

1. Shake bottle well and spray in fine mist on few panels at a time. No need to cover the surface completely. 7-9 sprays per sqm are enough. 
2. Remove by wiping panel gently with a fresh microfiber towel straight after application till a super smooth and clear finish is achieved.


1. Always use new microfiber towels/cloths
2. The coating crystallizes around the bottle necks, so take extra care when opening bottles for the first time.
3. Pay attention: once the sponge is dried, the liquid get crystalized and the sponge couldn’t be re-used. 
5. Remember not to mix microfiber towels between Stage 1 & Stage 2.
6. Use Silk Coat for maintenance – super easy to apply!