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Silk Coat is a quick detailer & hydrophobic top-up all in one. It is also our last recommended phase for both Ultimate Nano Coat v1 & Ultimate Nano Coat v2 applications.

It was originally developed as a protective layer for UNC v1 and UNC v2 coatings while they are curing (in case you have to drive the car in bad weather conditions straight after coating application), but after prolonged testing we decided to recommend Silk Coat as part of the coating application process.

Silk Coat adds incredible smooth feel to the surface, improves hydrophobic properties and adds a extra depth and shine to the finish.

Silk Coat is the only product you will ever need to maintain the UNC coatings! We recommend to apply Silk Coat 2-4 times per year on top of Ultimate Nano Coat v1 or Ultimate Nano Coat v2, or use it as often as you like. Super easy to apply and works instantly!

Very effective as a standalone Quick Detailer product, but on top of our UNC v1, UNC v2 and UNC-R it does magic!

Impossible to mess things up as it won't haze/steam/leave streaks even on pitch black paintwork! Silk Coat can be used on any surface, including glass, plastic, metal, etc.

The only solution known to us for wax finishes, where you have tried a bit too hard, applied too much wax and panels have started "steaming up" or getting covered in a light haze. It can be a right problem as no matter what you do, the haze will always come back. Silk Coat can fix this issue in a few seconds, the haze will not come back and the finish will be boosted to super hydrophobic properties, will feel much smoother and you will have this little extra gloss to it that makes a difference between a decent job and something very special and outstanding.

* Super easy to apply

* Water Based

* Very effective as stand alone product, but on top of UNC1, UNC2 and UNC-R it does magic.

* Does not leave smears even on pitch black paintworks and wont steam/haze. 

* Recommended consumption: 25 ml per regular size car (VW Golf MK5, BMW 3 series, Mercedes C class).

* Recommended application interval: at least every 6 months or as often as you like.

* Can be applied in multiple layers.

* Improves hydrophobic properties.

* Adds incredible smooth feel to the surface.

* Adds extra depth and gloss to the finish. 

* Application: Apply to a few panels at a time by spraying in fine mist and wipe off with a fresh microfiber towel.

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Silk Coat is a protective layer for the nano glass coatings while they are curing. Silk Coat will protect the coating in all weather conditions.

And it also works very well as a top-up for the nano glass coatings - Silk Coat supercharges the hydrophobic properties, adds extra gloss and makes the surface feel incredibly smooth.

We recommend applying Silk Coat for maintenance 2 - 4 times a year, or as often as you like - it is super easy to apply and takes only 15 minutes to apply for a regular size car.

Please make sure you have the following before Silk Coat application:

1. Silk Coat

2. Microfiber towel

Silk Coat Application:

1. Shake bottle well and spray in fine mist over few panels at a time. No need to cover the surface completely - 7-9 sprays per sqm is enough. 
2. Remove by wiping panel gently with a fresh microfiber towel, immediately after application, till all white marks disappear and you can feel the surface turning super smooth.


1. Always use new microfiber towels/cloths.

2. Recommended consumption is 25 ml. per regular size car.

3. Use Silk Coat if you have overdone wax and can't get rid of the hazing on panels.

4. Shake bottle well before application

5. Don't use in direct sunlight or on hot panels

6. Do not let Silk Coat dry out on panel - it can become smeary if left too long before removal. If this is the case, spray some more on affected areas and remove with a new microfiber cloth immediately.