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This is the perfect kit for somebody who would like to try the full system, or for somebody who knows the system already and was waiting on a deal like this!

The kit is perfectly suited for medium to big sized cars, inc SUV's (BWW 5, 7, X series, Porsche Panamera, ) and has the addition of UNCv3 - for all your bare metal parts - exhaust tips, polished alluminium alloys, chrome, etc

What's in the kit: 

Ultimate Nano Coat v1 - 30ml
Ultimate Nano Coat v2 - 30ml
Ultimate Nano Coat v3 - 15ml
Silk Coat - 100ml
Ultimate Glass Coat PRO - 30ml
WSR - 50ml
Applicator Micro Sponge - x5

* This kit will be enough to fully seal the paitwork (1 layer of UNC v1 + 1 layer of UNC v2 + 1 layer of Silk Coat), protect alloy wheels, plastic trim and prepare all of the glass, inc mirrors and even after doing all of this you normally should have a fair amount of product left. You could do multiple layers of UNCv1 on the alloys, or the exhaust, for example. Or store it for later use. We recommend to use it within 12 months after opening the bottles.


Use WSR to treat glass before UGC Application. 

Please refer to UNC PRO KIT & UGC PRO KIT instructions: &