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Ultimate Fabric Coat is a permanent fabric and textile coating. Works on any fibrous surface - synthetics, cotton, nylon, silk, etc. and has incredible resistance to wear. Protected surfaces are dirt, water, oil, etc. repellent and super easy to clean.

Even red wine on white carpet is no longer a real problem if protected with Ultimate Fabric Coat.

Does not change the look or feel of the fabric and does not form a film above the surface - ensuring protected surfaces can "breathe" as before and feel the same.

Can be applied on stretchable textiles as well.

This product can withstand up to 20 washes in a +30c wash cycle*

Perfect for car fabric seats, carpets, floor mats and super effective as convertible soft top weatherproofing. Can be reapplied with minimal preparation necessary.

* Durability of up to 20 wash cycles can only be achieved on fully synthetic fabric and textiles.

* Permanent Coating

* Easy to Apply

* Easy to clean and Maintain

* Super Hydrophobic and Stain Resistant

* Use on Car Seats, Carpet, Floor Mats, Convertible Soft Top 

* For domestic use - Fabric Shoes, T-Shitrs, Ties, Jackets, Carpets, Sofas, etc. 

* Durability up to 20 washes in a +30c wash cycle*

Ultimate Fabric Coat (UFC) contains high levels of alcohol. Avoid smoking, sparks or live fire during application. Good ventilation is a must when applying this product, also, protective wear (Gloves, glasses, mask, etc.) is highly reccommended. Ensure covered surfaces are fully dry and there is no smell inside the car before driving again. Best left to dry overnight, leave windows open to ensure good ventilation.

If used for home applications, same rules apply, ensure there is good ventilation and wear protective wear. Product is fully cured once there is no more smell coming out of covered areas. 

Please make sure you have the following before UFC application:

1.  Fabric & Textlie cleaner.

2.  Ultimate Fabric Coat.

3.  Microfiber towels.

First stage: Preparation

1. Clean the fabric thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner.

2. With a fabric cleaner and a towel, clean the fabric till there are no more visible stains.

3. Make sure the surface is totally dry before UFC application

Second stage: Coating application

1. Using Ultimate Fabric Coating, spray the front and back side of the fabric seats approx. 100 ml. per sqm or till the fabric is fully soaked.

2. Open windows / doors and wait till the surface is fully dry and there is no more sell before driving.    


1.  Cleaning the seats thoroughly is a guarantee for successful coating. 

2.  The less abrasion of the seats, the more durable the coating will be.  

3.  Recommended consumption: 100 ml. per sqm of fabric. (For example, 500 ml. for regular size car and 750 for SUV)

4. Product durability: At least 6 months for the driver seat and many months more for less used seats.