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Max Protect - Ultimate Tyre coat is a semi-permanent and very durable tyre dressing with natural look finish.

Once cured the protected areas are dirt, oil and water repellent. It doesn't attract dust as widely used silicone tyre shine's and will not fly directly on the bodywork!.

Very easy to use - wipe on and wipe off, fully cured in 1/2 hour.

Can be used on ruber and plastic trim. For permanent plastic and rubber trim restoration please see UNC v1UNC v2 and UNC-R

* Easy to use

* Natural Look Finish

* Non Sticky

* Oil, Water, Dirt Repellent 

* Long Lasting

1. Make sure tyres are cleaned thoroughly before coating application. 

2. Apply with an applicator pad - we recommend using our Micro Sponge to achieve minimum product usage.

3. Apply on tyre till all areas are fully covered4. Leave for 5-10 minutes to dry.

4. Remove excess material (if any left) with an old microfiber towel.


1. Using Panel Wipe or similar type degreaser will increase the coating lifespan.

2. Using this "wet" is not necessary - the gel spreads very far!

3. Average usage 5ml per tyre