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Once in a decade a new product emerges and astonishes the car care products market! UNC-R is the only coating in the world that turns into rubber membrane when applied in non-lab conditions and cured in room temperature! It is the newest addition to our UNC range and has some unrivalled properties – extremely glossy and silky smooth surface with no top-ups. Ultra high resistance to chemical attacks (more resistant than UNC v2), years of durability and UNC-R increases paintwork resistance against small stone chips and washing scratches (light swirls). UNC-R is a professional ONLY product and is recommended for colder climates, or to be used in off-summer seasons. If working on your own – it’s manageable up to 15c, 15-20c a 2-man application is recommended. 20-25c – a very speedy 2 man application and above 25c it’s Jedi master class! Available only from Max Protect and authorized distributors.